14 inventive ways to eat healthy when you are on limited budget


These are all “real life” experience and recipes tried from people stuck on budget while eating healthy.

– First and main advice is planning your weekly meals and groceries shopping. You need to create a plan what you are going to eat for each meal. According to people experience this will cut your grocery cost almost by half. It will also cut down the amount of groceries you buy and food that you throw away.

– Also, since you are at planning don’t forget to plan your snacks. Again, you don’t waste money, you eat healthier, and you are not making impulse purchases.

– When going shopping always make a grocery list. You save money by not buying things you don’t need, and you stay on your diet by not making impulse buys.

– Your local farmers market hides great bargains, especially on the last day when they start dropping prices so they are not left with extra produce. Plus, even at regular price the fruits and veggies are almost 50% cheaper.

– Go to Trader Joe’s for great organic selection at great prices, and go to Aldi, it has much lower prices than other stores, while offering tons of vegetarian, organic and gluten-free foods.

– Same goes for Costco. Find few friends, share a membership, and buy in bulk for everyone.

– Don’t buy strawberry’s in winter, by fruit and vegetables that are seasonal, they are on sale, and are super fresh.

– Unless you need something specific avoid the central aisles. Its only over processed and frozen foods. Go for the edges, where you can find everything you need for balanced and healthy life.

– Turn on your phone and start the calculator. You can just keep track of how much you spend, or set a limit of how much money you plan to spend, and just extract everything you put in the basket.

– The store brands are double win. They are cheaper and usually are on sale. Plus, they can be way more flavorful.

– Don’t buy pre-packaged. Go to the bulk bins, where things are usually cheapest for per-pound price.

– Use your freezer. You can buy the weekly offer and freeze it for later. Same goes for meat. Buy it in large quantities, prepare it and put it in your freezer. With this you have meal ready package, so later you don’t have to waste time.

– Don’t forget the leftovers. Almost every meal can be repurposed. With this first you save money, and second you are not stuck with the same meal, two days in a row.

– Combine bones with vegetable scraps to make great broth. Just cover everything with water, cook it and you get great veggie broth that can be used in different recipes.