7 advices from a woman that lost half of her size


The main character in the story is Simone Pretscherer, a 23 years old form Auckland, New Zealand. This is the age when Simone realized the impact that her weight was having on her life. At the time, she weighed 372 pounds.

One of the things she remembers after stepping on the scale is “that number was terrifying, I ran to a corner to deal with my emotions. I was so overwhelmed”.

Previously Pretscherer tried almost everything from diets, to magic weight loss pills.

Then on August 29, 2014, she tried something she never thought she would do, Pretscherer shared her weight-loss goal with her entire social network. This is the day she started her journey.

In less than a year, she lost half her size.

These are her advices:

1. Start small

She knew that she had to exercise. For begging she started with daily swims at the local pool, as many laps as she could, or walking for an hour. It was necessary to make it a habit. Since then she never missed a walk or swim.

2. All processed food should be cut out

Prior to her diet, she was eating three or four bakery items per day. Today, her breakfast is protein shake (protein powder, milk, water, banana and raspberries). For snack, she has a protein bar, and the usual choice for lunch is omelet or sushi. Diners are usually home cocked and consist of protein and vegetables.

3. Be realistic

If you compare healthy food or even regular food to food with high-sugar content you know that the first two don’t taste even remotely as fun. Pretscherer needed about three months for her body to get used to the taste of regular food.

4. Find your motivation

Pretscherer’s biggest motivation came for social media. Even though her followers didn’t know, their messages were the main motivation on hard days, that pushed her to go the gym, or to get her through the weeks when the scale wouldn’t move.

5. You should have small goals throughout your journey

You need small goals that would carry you to the next lost pound.

6. Set your mind to it

The biggest advice that Pretscherer has for people who want to lose weight is: “Don’t put it off. Set your mind to it and you can achieve it. Make it a lifestyle change instead of a diet. Opt for little changes you can stick with”.

7. When you succeed, celebrate it

After 11 months, Pretscherer got to her goal. She celebrated this throwing a party, explaining “I had to celebrate with my family and friends.”