8 bad so-called healthy foods you should stop eating (PART 1)


There is one simple rule that you need to have in mind when going on diet or just trying to eat healthy: if it says “healthy” on the packaging it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is really healthy.

Since there is no strict regulation on labeling packaged foods, you could be eating cookie drowned in sugar and chocolate that came in a box that says – healthy. So, no matter where you bought it, a brownie is still a brownie even if you got it at local healthy food store, and the same goes for any food with added sugar.

Real healthy foods don’t have problems like this because they come without any need for labeling – like berries and avocados. When it comes to controlling your weight and optimizing your health there are few items you should avoid or at least not consider them healthy.

This is the list of (some of the) bad so-called healthy foods:

1. Brown sugar

It’s the same as the white sugar, it still is a refined sugar that directly goes into your bloodstream and triggers an insulin response.

2. Whole wheat pasta

Opposite to what food industry claims and would like you to think, the whole wheat pasta is as bad for you as white flour pasta. It even creates a sugar response that makes it less desirable. Plus, it’s high in empty calories.

3. Agave

Agave is very close to high fructose corn syrup, which is why Miami clinical nutritionist Dr. Michael Forman recommends avoiding it if you plan to lose weight. According to him there is a big misunderstanding that because agave sugars go through different pathways they are better for you than the white sugar.