8 bad so-called healthy foods you should stop eating (PART 2)


There is one simple rule that you need to have in mind when going on diet or just trying to eat healthy: if it says “healthy” on the packaging it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is really healthy.

The rest from the list continued from part 1:

4. Flavored yogurt

It is a yogurt and it taste sweet, what do you think how much sugar was needed to make it like that? The flavoring of the yogurt is actually a jelly, sweet and loaded with sugars that make it highly fattening. Also, most of them are very high in calories, and don’t have the protein or fiber to compensate for the higher levels of calories. Instead, eat regular Greek yogurt with yogurt flavor.

5.  Tofu

Tofu behaves as an estrogen-like substance and its causing all kinds of havoc. And it’s not only the tofu, but all soy products are full with problems. Dr. Forman explains that “90% or more are genetically modified to be ‘Round Up Ready’, which means that they can withstand intense chemical sprays.”

6. Skim milk

This isn’t good for your weight and isn’t healthy. When you take out the fats from the milk, you’re not satiated and you compensate for this by consuming more than you otherwise would. Also when you remove the fat you are left with large amounts of hormones. So, go for the low-fat or full-fat milk instead.

7. Fruit juice

Yes, it is. And this includes fresh squeezed fruit juices. According to the nutritionist Jennifer Keirstead “this should be a treat that is enjoyed occasionally. Fruit juices have high sugar content and zero fiber, resulting in a spike in blood sugar.” Instead of fruit juice go for the whole fruit, or if it must be something liquefied get fruit smoothie.

8. Healthy bars

Follow the same rule from the flavored yogurt – if its sweet than it has added sugar. No matter the labeling, healthy bars are one more food that don’t have any labeling regulation. Plus, they are loaded with hidden artificial ingredients, fat, sugar and calories. Read the nutrition information very carefully and choose the ones that are lowest in sugar, and high in protein and fiber.