Empty your bowels in 2 minutes with just one spoon of this


Even if there was no risk of developing medical issues from constantly full bowels and constipation, there is always the constant feeling of unease, which becomes a serious problem when it lasts for months.


Although this is should not become a part of your lifestyle, it should get you through in “tough times” and until you get to a healthy diet or regular full body detox.

This should be consumed in the morning, before breakfast.

The recipe comes from VA hospital in Quebec, Canada. It has three ingredients:

– plums – 5 ounces
– dates – 5 ounces
– water – 1,5 cups (less if you want it ticker)


The dates and prunes should be cut into small pieces. Put the three ingredients in a pot, and leave it on low fire for 15 minutes or until the mixture thickens (stir it from time to time). Remove it from the fire and let it cool down. (This can be done in advance, so you don’t have to wait in the morning.)

When its cooled down, consume one tablespoon before breakfast in the morning. Due to the high fiber content, you should feel changes the same day. Its recommended that you repeat this for few days before breakfast.

The mix has no added sugar, beside what naturally occurs in the fruits, and can also be consumed by diabetics.

There are few additional advices for regular bowel movements:

– consume large quantities of water.
– eat foods with that are high in fiber: fruits, vegetables…
– try avoiding laxatives, and replace them with natural remedies
– caffeine and milk should be avoided.