How to have a healthy breakfast for less than $1


The real struggle is not only to eat healthy, but also to eat healthy without spending a fortune on food. Maybe it sounds impossible but you really can have a healthy breakfast for under 1 dollar. We bring you 8 such recipes.

healthy breakfast

The key is resourcefulness and planning your meals. Also, this is not a list of foods, it’s a list of recipes, which means that you need to cook at home. Don’t expect to cover the meals with 1 dollar if you are eating out.

If you can justify paying an overpriced breakfast, don’t let us stop you. But if you can spear 15 minutes in the morning for making healthy breakfast allow us to help you.

(The ingredients are sorted by price)

Baked Egg Avocado

1/2 (half) avocado: 75 cents
1 egg: 21 cents
Total price (approx.): 96 cents

This breakfast is full of proteins and healthy fats. Probably you will need to carve a little bit of room in your avocado for the egg. Crack an egg into the avocado hole, spice it up, and bake for 15 minutes at 425°F. While waiting feel free to eat the extra avocado from a while ago.

Coconut Oatmeal

1/2 (half) cup coconut milk: 30 cents
Oatmeal, 1 packet: 21 cents
1 Banana: 20 cents
Total price (approx.): 71 cents

You start with premeasured oatmeal packet. Get the plain one, since flavored oatmeal usually is full of preservatives and sugar. Add the milk, and add the sliced banana.

Peanut Butter Banana Toast

1 tablespoon peanut butter: 35 cents
1 Banana: 20 cents
1 slice wheat toast: 19 cents
Total price (approx.): 74 cents

You get a load of protein and fiber, and there is no cooking, you just make it.

Egg and Tomato Toast

Tomato slices: 30 cents
1 hard-boiled egg: 21 cents
1 slice wheat toast: 19 cents
Total price (approx.): 70 cents

Slice it, layer it, and eat it. You can do this faster if you take some time on Sunday night to boil a week worth of eggs.

Banana Pancakes

2 eggs: 42 cents
1 banana: 20 cents
Total price (approx.): 62 cents

Get the blender. Put everything inside. Blend it. Cook it.

Ricotta Apple English Muffins

1 multi-grain English muffin: 50 cents
Apple slices: 25 cents
1 teaspoon ricotta cheese: 24 cents
Total price (approx.): 99 cents

Low-fat ricotta is for light breakfast with cheese, and the apple gives some sweetness. If you want to go extra luxurious add honey and cinnamon (approx. 32 cents).

Cereal Yogurt

1/2 (half) cup plain yogurt: 50 cents
1 tablespoon raisins: 22 cents
Bran cereal: 20 cents
Total price (approx.): 92 cents

Turn the cooking world upside down and use yogurt instead of milk. Our recommendation is to choose fiber-enriched cereal, not the sugary one.

healthy breakfast