This is why meat and eggs causes heart disease and stroke


Researchers trying to figure out why meat and eggs cause diseases discovered that this foods contain nutrient that conspire with the bacteria in your gut that make the blood more prone to clotting.

The nutrient called choline interacts with the bacteria in the intestines. This produces compound that stimulates platelets clumping and forming clots. Choline is one of the essential nutrients, meaning that the body can’t create enough of it, so it must taken through food.

One of the key messages of the study by Cleveland clinic in Ohio is to “avoid supplements with choline, unless prescribed by your doctor”. The study was part of their series on finding what specific compounds in the food are rising the risk of the no.1 cause of dead in the US – the heart disease.

Through the whole study vegans and vegetarians had much lower levels of choline than the meat eaters. They started with lower levels, and finished the same way.

Although taking an aspirin a day reduced the clotting, researchers found out that this didn’t completely eliminate the problem.

This is a first study that gives direct evidence that humans consuming excess choline, raises both the tendency of platelets to clump and form clots, and the levels of trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO).