Why you should try HIIT, and three HIIT workout programs to start


Incorporating some kind of HIIT routine (High Intensity Interval Training) into your workout is one of the best methods for losing weight. Unlike steady cardio, where you’re just running at the same pace, HIIT allows you to get your metabolism to new heights, leading to weight loss even after you finished your workout.

The main catch in HIIT training is that HIIT training is hard, but that’s also the reason that it is effective. In steady state cardio you need to run for miles just to lose enough calories for weight loss, in HIIT it only takes up to 20 minutes, during which you get in better shape and lost more calories that with almost any other workout.

And when they say HIIT is hard, they mean that HIIT makes you work out at almost 70% of your capacity while you are fighting for your next breath. Getting your body to go through these short intense workouts results in much bigger endurance and stronger physical stamina.

There is no limit on how and when to begin applying HIIT training into your routine. The simplest way is to start sprinting your hardest on the treadmill for one minute, then walk slowly for the next. You can change your routine by changing incline. But if you are really giving your maximum it will be hard no matter what.

These are few HIIT combos that you need to try (when you get bored with this you could try creating your own):

Workout no. 1

Start by incorporating 30 sec. sprint at the start of each round. You goal should be about 5 rounds, which should take you around 20 minutes.

Sprint, 30 Seconds
50 Crunches
20 Calf Raises

15 Lunges
Rest one minute, then repeat (four or five times).

Workout no. 2

Instead of sprinting this workout has jump rope. Here you want to make sure that you are jumping at an above average pace. After this it gets even harder. At the end, you should feel burn in your chest and abdomen.

Jump Rope, above average pace for 45 seconds
25 pushups
Front plank, 1 minute
25 sit-ups
Rest one minute, then repeat (four or five times).

Workout no. 3

This one is about your lower body. Start with 50 mountain climbers. High knee reps will get your heart rate up, and startup your lower body. Calf raises and lunges are working out your lower body while accelerating your weight loss and metabolism. This workout is especially recommended if you are trying to lose weight but you have weak lower body.

50 mountain climbers
30 High knee reps for each knee
45 Calf raises
20 Lunges with each leg